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If you’re a fan of Instrumental Guitar Music, or love the sounds of modern Electronic Dance Music, ‘Renaissance’ delivers the perfect mashup!

1. Underground Chaos
2. The Renaissance
3. Paradigms
4. Pillars of Creation
5. Aneurysm
6. Check Yourselfie
7. Always in My Heart
8. Dub Killah
9. Miles
10. Dirty Blues
11. Helix
12. Year of the Monkey
13. Dark Matter

Dave Crum is a busy working musician.  Throughout his career, he has steadily been in rock, funk and reggae cover bands, played with straight-ahead jazz and fusion bands, performed countless solo/duo/trio classical and jazz concerts, and backed up country, rock and pop artists as a musical director and sideman. In 2010, Dave released his first experimental album, ‘Project Murc’, fusing together all of the styles and genres of guitar playing with electronic drums, basses and synths.  ‘Project Murc II: Renaissance’ is a continuation of the original ‘Project Murc’ concept with even more developed songs and cutting edge modern Electronic Dance Music production.

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